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Satta Matka- the Unknown mystery game

It is one of the games where most of the people involved in it in late 1970 to 90s. This game has gained immense popularity among the people. It always mainly depends on betting which was used to play across India and Pakistan. However, it is the game not legally nowadays playing in India. As we all know, most of the people are running behind the other games like cricket, football, etc. But when comes to betting games, this game is one of the best games in yester years.

Popularity of Satta Matka

It is a very simple game where later turns out to be a form of lotteries. More than Satta Matka, a lottery has set the rage among people after 90’s. However, still this game has been playing crooks by just creating a site for challenging. This game has brought more than 500 crores of rupees for the owner during late 80s to 90s across Mumbai. Later, the game has been banned due to its illegal paths. After many struggles, recently the people started to play this game via online which is becoming another massive turn for the people who like betting.

How to play

First of all, the participants should choose three numbers from 1 to 9. Later, the three numbers will be added to get as a final number. If you have chosen 3, 2, 8, then it will be added as 3+2+8=13. Now you can get the last number of final number (13) as 3. After this process, the first chance of draw would be 3, 2, 8 *3. Likewise, the same process has been done for the second round as well. This is how the game will start and carry the people’s interest till the end. You can also find a lot of tricks to take over the game on your side to win.

Final words on Satta Matka

As per the information, Satta Matka game is still being played by most of the people via online. However, this popular game has lost its huge followers after a massive breakdown due to the betting issue. If you are still looking for this game just visit the sites, then start to play while your result may release at 10 pm or 12 am at night.


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Satta Matka- the Unknown mystery game
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