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Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Satta Matka

Satta Matka is an online gambling game in India. Gambling games are actually illegal in India but still a number of people are continuously involved in it. The business of Satta Matka market is continuously booming day by day. This game is purely on the basis of luck and requires no specific qualification. Satta Matka is actually a guessing game in which we require only to choose some numbers. Picking of numbers is the most important part while playing Satta Matka. Beginners and some other people are not most commonly aware of the game and hence commit mistakes. The main reason behind the thing is the particular sequence or pattern of numbers they are following. Five most common mistakes everyone makes in Satta Matka are: -

1. Choosing numbers according to the particular dates

Some people love to choose the lottery numbers according to their DOB, anniversary date, festival dates or other which are most important to them. The main reason behind this is the thinking due to which they consider these dates as their lucky numbers. The most disadvantage of doing so is that it only includes a set of 1 - 31 numbers, whereas the lotteries include numbers up to 46. Thus most of the people lack a whole set of numbers to choose and hence minimizes the chances of winning.

2. Following a particular sequence or pattern of numbers

Some people used to follow a particular sequence or pattern of numbers, which they like the most. Choosing a number by following a particular pattern makes the number very common and hence reduces the chances of winning.

3. Using past winning numbers

Some of the people used to choose the winning numbers of previous lotteries as considered them the luckiest ones. But, the fact is that the previous winning lottery numbers have very fewer chances to repeat again. Hence, less will be the chances of repeating these numbers again less will be the chances of winning.

4. Choosing numbers based on horoscope

Some people usually love to choose the numbers described by horoscope or tarot card readers. Satta Matka is purely the game of luck. No one can previously describe the number going to be chosen as the winning one.

5. Going with the odd even concept

Some people believe to choose the number based on the odd even concept. As some believe the odd one luckiest and some believes the even one luckiest. Lottery draws are chosen on a random basis and not on the basis of odd even concepts.


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