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Matka kings of India


he was born in a small village of kutch, Gujarat. The tile of bhagat was given to his family by his village for righteousness. He arrived in Bombay in 1941 starting his work as a spice seller merchant. He had big dreams and a keen mind to try his luck. Eventually he became the boss matka over the time when he introduced his gambling game to the industrial workers of Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. 'I am a jyotish, not a gambler' said kalyanjibhagat a few years ago in his internet. Well many of his followers would certainly attribute this to him. Cotton figures in the mid-fifties became too predictable to bet on. Then was the time when he started studying American numbers and introduced matka. The name matka was actually derived not because of some literal use of pots in this game but only because his father used to see people bet on small chits in a matka in his native village. So you can understand the essence of this man by the fact that this game got its name from his memory. Kalyanjis ability to study numbers carefully was one of the main reasons of his meteoric rise. He instituted a syndicate which overlooked card picking to ensure a gamblers trust. H shunned publicity so as to keep his operations away from the public glare. The kalyan chart or the kalian worlimatka was spread by a word of mouth through people due to his regular philanthropic activities. The success of this game is largely attributed to kalyanjibhagat because of the nature of this game.

Suresh bhagat-

suresh bhagat was also one of the pioneers of satta matka game. He along with other gambling kings himself earned huge amounts of money and helped others earn too. Sadly his demise was not so good but he continued to be one of the greatest ever boss matka kings that ever lived.

Rattan khattri-

rattan khattri was also known as the matka king in those days. He controlled a nationwide gambling network which dealt with crores of rupees at a time. Khatris matka business started in the bustling business of Mumbai where idlers used to wager on daily trickle of the fluctuating cotton rates from Ney York market. Based on the requests of his friends due to his diligent nature, khatri started his own syndicate and started drawing three cards to decide that day’s number. Khatris betting was considered as more genuine because his cards


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Matka Kings of India

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