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Satta Matka has some of the common terms related to it, such as final ank, kapil matka, boss matka, Kalian chart, Mumbai chart, and rajdhani chart. In past, the Indian SattaMatka game was played in the offline mode but at present, Satta Matka is now shifted into the online world. We provide tremendous opportunities and matka boss, Indian satta Matka tips to the enthusiasts who want to win some quick bucks in satta market or satta bazar.

Live Results


Date:- 23/03/2019

(08:00 AM 02:00 AM)

New York
(03:00 PM 06:00 PM)

Classic Day
150 x 67 x 557
(03:10 PM 05:10 PM)

New Samrat day
290 x 11 x 560
(01:55 PM 02:55 PM)

Milan Day
479 x 03 x 689
(03:00 PM 05:00 PM)

236 x 10 x 488
(03:10 PM 05:10 PM)

357 x 56 x 123
(03:45 PM 05:45 PM)

Classic Night
137 x 11 x 560
(08:10 PM 10:10 PM)

589 x 25 x 357
(09:05 PM 11:05 PM)

147 x 22 x 589
(09:10 PM 11:55 PM)

Main Mumbai
579 x 15 x 168
(09:25 PM 11:59 PM)

India's Fastest Result?
Date:- 18/03/2019


OPEN :- ***
PANA:- ***
JODI:- ***

Date:- 18/03/2019


OPEN :- ***
PANA:- ***
JODI:- ***



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What is Satta Matka? How to Play Satta Matka?

Indian Matka or Satta Matka is a basic term of gambling introduced in Mumbai in the late 1960s. This kind of gambling was first introduced in New York Stock Exchange. Indian satta matka is an evolved form of this game.

What to Know about Indian Satta Matka?

Our boss matka results, kapil matka, final ank results are published regularly on the online website. People looking to improve their guess work should visit the VIP game forum and directly talk to the experts. They provide valuable suggestion to improve the winning chances of matka game. We organize a large number of matka games ranging from Indian Satta Matka market. The timetable of the matka results can be seen on the website along with their schedules. MATKA is played on the weekdays offering detailed information about the results in Kalyan, Main Mumbai, and many other places. For Milan results, you should open an account on the website by following a simple process. Create a user name and password to access the information and improve the chances of victory.
These are several varieties of daily charts which investors use to gamble. These are more than just terms. You can find different sites on the web providing accurate charts of satta matka each passing day. Investors use these charts on regular basis. Now, these websites also provide various tips on satta market facility to help the investors make better decisions that will give rewarding results. Satta Jodi fix is another term used to define the pair of two digits from 00 to 99 in satta matka.
Satta Matka covers different guess work and lottery numbers to figure out the right digits. You can just develop your skills on this website before you enter the actual satta matka game. Actually, we share the final result on our website about the numbers. It is not a rocket science to learn how to play boss matka. But you need a lot of information before you place your bets. You just need to bet in different games to improve the odds. It's like a hedging strategy to reduce losses and it is very successful.
In this website, you will find all the valuable satta market tips, boss matka, kapil matka, and final ank for the users to spread out risk properly and choose the numbers. Wagering could increase the chances of loss by doing it only on one number. In this website, you will get all the tricks on Satta Matkas played across the city of Mumbai. You will need to start with small bets. When you gain experience, you may try your hands on bigger bets and get big rewards.

How to Play Satta Matka?

The game of Satta Matka is quite interesting if you want to know. You will definitely love to play this game in Satta Market because it is very profitable. All a player need to do is to choose from 0 to 9 numbers. You can choose at least three numbers. After choosing these three numbers, these numbers will be added to form new number of two digits.
For example, if you choose 3, 5 and 6 on matka game, the number will be added to 14. Now the player will use last digit, i.e. 4. In this game of matka boss, the numbers would be 3, 5 and 6 which will be used and *4. Another set would also to draw to the first one with same principles. If player picks 2, 4 and 6 this time, product will be 12 and number would be 2. Hence, 3, 5, 6, and *4x2, 4, 6, and *2 would be the ultimate set.